Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday, the last day for radiation

Hopeful today. Randy came home with 2 bunches of flowers and a ballon taht said "Get ready, get set, get well". So sweet of him. Oh, a card too.

Got to clinic alittle early. They took me early again. The girl who was to give me the wig, forgot it. Bummer. They let me bring my mask home. I took it wierd. Will probably burn it sometime.

Waited forever for Dr. McDonald. Bob the nurse really upset me, he told me the effects of this radiation will get worse before it gets better and that by 3 weeks I may be able to speak and swallow alitlle better. Started to cry. that means I still may be a mess at the wedding. I so do not want that. I am so upset. They both told me I needed to rest alot, keep hydrated,& try to eat.

Randy filmed me ringing the bell. You get to ring this bell when you have completed your treatment. It was louder than I thought but freeeing to do it.

Didn't get out till almost 5 PM. Argh. Traffic is bad. Tired when I got home, of course. Back to the couch with Cherie. Tried to processed some for for myself tonight and got all gaggy again. Well that's out now.

Got a new batch of food last night. So had some of it tonight. Yummy.

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