Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday, August 10th

Tuesday, August 10th is finally here.  We finally get to meet with Dr. Rushing.  He was highly recommeneded by doctors at University of Iowa. He was a graduate of University of Illinois 1976, so we were there at the same time. Weird.

He was very nice and spent over an hour with us. He explaned all the types of cancer, especially my two. Carcinoma and sarcoma.  The pathology report came back from Dr. DeLellis. He confirmed the rare carcinosarcoma of the parathyroid. Second case reported.

He said he is the doctor I need, as it is a sarcoma. So glad; I waited. We will get another CT of chest in September due to the spots found on the last CT scan down by Dr. McDonald.  It hope it that the spots will not get larger. I'm hopeful.  

So I will not begin chemotherapy until after the wedding. Yeah! I think I'll still get a wig. This really made my day. I have been dreading  this appointment. Now I am calmer.

Had my treatment early today before the appointment with Dr. Rushing. Then had to meet with Dr. McDonald.  I am being started on Neurotin now for the cough. Also wants me to stop the Valium before radiation and try xanax. Says I am getting too much Valium by end of week. I will try.

We went to Bob Evans for brunch.  I am totally exhausted.  Could barely make it to the pharmacy to get the new med. Cherie and I  just sat on the couch.  I really wanted to go to  yoga at the support community but couldn't do it.  Too exhausted.

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