Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19, 2011

Well, it is 8 days since my surgery. I am doing pretty well I think.Here is what has happened in the last week.

On 1-11-11, I had a right thoracotomy with wedge resection. I apparently was in surgery for 3 hours. She took out 2 "spots" and several other areas. I have not heard exactly what was done, Randy can't remember what the doctor said. I remember waking up in the SCU. Lots of tubes. Dry thoart.
They made me wear a CPAP machine tonight. It was awful. the nurse took it off at nidnight. Thank God. The staff was great to me. I was able to get up in a chair Wed. Can you believe it? Did fine. The chest tube hurts. The central line is freaky. At least it is in my chest and not my neck.
Thursday, I was moved to PCU in the IU hospital. What a difference. Unless I asked to get up or turn or anything, no one ever came in except to give me pills. It had no heat so Randy and I froze all day and night. They will get a bad survey from me. I hope I never have to come back here. Jennifer was the nest nurse and Pamela, a tech, stayed with me when my chest tube was removed.
Randy was great. He stayed with me every night but one. He was such a big help. He helped me in and out of bed at all hours. Walked me in the halls etc.
I was to go home Saturday, but my pain was not well managed. I had a medication change and went home Sunday. It's nice to be home.
Moving is uncomfortable and hurts.Walking is okay. My incision is quite large, 6 inches ish. No sutures, steri strips only. Pain pills every four hours is a must.
Today, Wednesday. I need less pain med. I can go 6 hours now between pills.
Also, I have lost my cough. Cannot believe it. It is gone. Went without the Neurotin med 2 days and still no cough. I want to quit the med but Randy wants me to continue so I will till I wee Dr. Rushing. I think the tubes they used down my thoart, moved something or did something that stopped my cough. Will remain cautiously optimistic that it is gone.
Enough for now.Signing off.

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year everone! Randy and I went to a dance party at Five Star Dance studio last night. We had been to the studio to dance the night before. I did pretty well, surprizingly. I was able to dance and have a good time. Lots of friends there to talk to. Played cards too. Nice to get out and do normal things again. I want to dance again when I can.

I hope the year is good to all of you and the best is yet to come.

Dec,27th, 2010

Returned from Iowa yesterday. We drove to Iowa on the 22nd. to spend the Christmas holiday with my 2 wonderful daughters and my parents. Amanda had to work her night shifts so we decided this was the only way to be with her for the holiday. Sarah flew in from Los Angeles, California. This was so nice to be with them.
Amanda had her tree up and it was so pretty. Iowa had it's 6 inch + snow storm the day we picked up Sarah. Welcome to Iowa. Sarah is freezing of course. I brought her a long coat, scarf, earmuffs, gloves and boots.
My parents stayed at the nearby hotel. It was more comfortable for them. Amanda has only a 2 bedroom apartment.Sarah slept on the couch.
Mom and I cooked a big Christmas dinner. Looked like Thanksgiving again.
So nice to be with everyone.Sarah had to return on Sunday. The rest of us left Monday.Roads were all clear.
Few things about me I hair is returning as are my eyelashes and eyebrows are filling in. Nice.
Met with a thoracic surgeon the day we left for Iowa. Surgery is scheduled for January 2011. This upset my parents of course.The girls seem okay.I am scheduled for a Right thoracotomy with wedge resection of the pulmonary nodule/metastasis. I'm resigned.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec. 13th

I did not have to have my last session of chemo this month. I had the flu for 2 weeks which postponed it. Then Dr. Rushing decided not to "put me through it". I will have a CT scan next week to check the "spots" on my lungs. I also have to meet with a thoracic surgeon about her thoughts on how to proceed. Thinking positive and excited to be going to Iowa to have Christmas with my two daughters.

I am getting stronger. More energetic. Cleaning and reorganizing the house. Baking cookies and bread. It feels so nice to be getting back to normal. Even stopped by our old dance studio and may go to their party on Thursday. I miss dancing so much.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, November 22

Sorry, it has been so long since last posting. I cannot completly explain how chemo makes you feel. It sucks most of the life out of you. You cannot even think any thoughts other than "I feel terrible". My third round was the worst. I was vomiting at home for two days. So weak,I needed help to walk. My legs just shook. I knew I needed to move to stay strong but you just can't. I could not stand up to even shower.

Even the second week, I still did not feel great. My labs were off, potassium low, sodium low, Hgb low, platelets low. Expected to get another transfusion like during second round. But I did not. Yea!

I got a repreive this week of Thanksgiving by not having chemo. I go in next week. I do hope I get to feeling stronger this week so I can tolerate the chemo better.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday, Oct. 3rd.

Well, readers here it is 16 days since my last post. I apologize. I have wanted to post a blog but was too tired.

Sarah's wedding was beautiful on September 18th. I will add a seperate blog on the wedding if that is ok with you.

On to medical updates. We drove home from the wedding on Sunday the 19th. We missed our exit and dorve almost to Chicago, Il before we could turn around. Argh. So mentally tired.

Monday the 20th, I have a mountain of laundry to do and so much to put away. Randy went out to scour up work. I am to wait for a call from IU Cancer Hospital for admission for chemotherapy. I got the call at 1:00 PM. We got there at 2:00 PM. What a day.

Resident arrived with med student to do medical history. The inevitable IV attempt. Took 3 tries and one blown vein. It's finally in, hope it lasts the week.(it did) Randy left to go back to take care of Cherie. I got my pre meds, anti nausea meds mostly. At 10:45PM I got my first does of chemotherpay. 2 different meds plus the continuous Mesna, to protect my kidneys and bladder, ran 6-8 hours. Ended up sleeping off and on through the night. No nausea.

Dr. Rushing and his entourage arrived around 8:30 AM. Now I have the rest of the day. What to do. The laptop helps alot. They are going to up my chemo each day by 4 hours so by Friday, I can get out by noon.

More to come......

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23rd

I apologize to my readers that I have not written for 10 days. ALOT has happened in 10 days. I will try to condense this logically, if I can. Bear with me. I think Chemo brain is hitting early.

On Tuesday, we met with Dr. Rushing , a wonderful doctor. He said the spots on my loungs and liver had grown 1mm. So, chemo is a definite. We probably spent an hour with him. He is very personable. The shocker is chemo is to start Monday. The Monday right after Sarah's wedding. Ugh. Then Tuesday is my birthday. Double ugh. I HAVE to be admitted to the IU Simon Cancer hospital for 5 days! Shocked. Cried. Feel numb. He wants to start me on Ridilan. States it will give me more energy for the wedding. Whatever, just do it , get it started.

Wednesday, the 15th, I spent the day, packing, checking my lists of things to take up to the wedding. The only thing I forgot was Randy's dance shoes. Malte and David arrived mid afternoon and we had a good visit. The dog like them, she jumped up on David's lap and slept. We went to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Margarita's. This was my first meal in a restaurant in months. Malte was my foreign exchange student for Sarah's senior year of high school. Her idea for the exchange student. We would have had a student the year before but we were too late with our application. I say it was for the best. He was perfect.Never complained. Did his own laundry. He loved the bread, just regular white/wheat bread. He said they did not have "soft" bread in Germany. I could not keep enough in the house.

Thursday, the 16th, we left for Michigan. My car is loaded full. Good thing I sent stuff up with Sarah, or we'd have to take the van. Not bad trip 3 1/2 hours. We drove up to Union Pier, Michigan, where the wedding is to be. Of course we couldn't check in. Went to Melodie's cabin and hung out till it was time to meet my daughters for our spa appointments. We had a good time at this spa. We got manis and pedis. Newman went with us and he behaved nicely. Newman is Sarah's french bulldog. He is a cutie. Weather is yucky, windy, rainy, cold. Sounds like a hurricane in this cabin.

Friday, the 17th, was a very busy day and exasperating due to the Inn owner. He is passive/aggressive. Says you can to anything but then says it can't be that way, his way is better. Mel and I gave up. Looking at the weather channel, it is supposed to rain tomorrow. We need a tent. Sarah doesn't want a tent.

I will finish this catch up tomorrow.