Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, 22nd. day of radiaiton

Wow, can't believe we are almost through with treatment. Treatment went well. They keep forgetting my music. I need to remind them before I get on the table.

Had a busy day actually. Went to the Look good , feel better class before treatment. The lady giving the class was not prepared. Disorganized.Wasted alot of time "getting things". She was strange too, too much collagen in her lips, too much makeup. Anyway, I made it thru makeup but missed the hat and scarf tying. Of course the thing I really wanted to know about. She said I good make an appointment with her and she would go over that with me some other day. I might. She is weird. I could do better. Wonder if I could get a job doing this art another facility.

I also would like to volunteer at the Cancer Support Community when I am able. I went to group tonight, wore vocall amplifier. Helped some. Group was okay. One of the ladies brought in hats she didn't need anymore, so I took 4. So fun.

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