Thursday, August 19, 2010


Terrible start to this day. Had to get Randy to airport for a job. Had a terrible time driving. Very unsteady , spacey, "loopy" as Randy called. Got him to airport late so he missed his flight. Had to wait for next one.
Slowly came home and went back to bed.

Bad headache, pain in jaws, mostly right side. Ear on right feels "full". Feels like a pencil is sticking thruogh my jaws. Went to Vista Wellness for massage. Laura knows just how to "fix" my problems as they come up. She made the pain totally go away. I feel so much better.

Mom and Dad came to stay with me and take me to my treatments. After treatment today the pain is back 50%. 9 treatments left after today.

The weather was so nice this evening, we sat out on the patio, finally, till it got dark.

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