Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday, 10th day of radiation

Woke up with terrible headache. Drug self around all morning. Throat is sore and I feel "gaggy" all day.  Had a massage and energy work done today, I feel so much better to go to radiation now.  Had to wait again for 45 min. for treatment. Took 2 Valiums.  Tolerated mask ok, worried all day I would throw up.

Went to cancer support group tonight. Have been waiting for 3 weeks to get into a group.  It was nice. Hope to be able to continue to go.  Cherie was not crated  while I went to group as a test. She did fine, only tore up a kleenex.  Proud of her.  She is a nervous Nellie in the crate.

Love her, she is so sweet and lovable.  Going to order a wig on line. Excited.  Amanda is coming home tomorrow for 4 days. Will be nice for her to go with me to treatments and hopefully meet Dr. McDonald.

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