Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friday,14th day of radiation

Still  having trouble with the gagging. I know it is annoying Mandy and Randy. I cannot control it, no one understands. Treatment today was at 2:30. No other patients  were there. Where is everyone?  Anyway it was nice. Session went smoothly. So nice.

Randy was gone working all day then had to change and go to sing the national anthem at the Fever game.  He loves singing. Mandy and I went to dinner at new Mexican restaurant.  Had difficulty swallowing.  Had such agreat time with my daughter this week. I miss her so much. But you cannot dwell on things like that or it overwhelms you.  I love my children and they are doing well.  I do not worry about them.Worry does no one any good and is a waste of time.

I have neglected, in my past blogs, of the increasing pain I am having in my head and neck. It is along my jaw line aound the back of head and down into cervical spine.  My skin is beginning to get red. Not sore or painful. But it reals "hot".  Am using "Jeans cream".  Cooling. 

The feeling of being tired is hard to deal with.  I just cannot do what I'm used to doing. I haven't asked for outside help yet but it is coming.

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