Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, 6 treatments left

Bad day. Slept terrible on the couch. Feel like I have a fever. 100 degrees. Feel crappy. Got to see Dr. Walker and Dr. Lager before my treatment. They ordered chest x-ray and CBC. I am to try an allergy OTC to dry to dry up the phlegm. May get a nausous med. tomorrow. She asked about G- tube, said it wasn't out of the question even thhis late in the game. My skin actually will get worse the first two weeks AFTER radiation stops. Dr. Walker says it doesn't make sense but it happens. Great. So could be bad at wedding. Will get new skin medication. Great again.

Made it thru treatment okay. Just so tired. Couldn't go to group. My voice is less than a whisper this week.I had Randy ear candle my ears. They feel slightly better, especially the right one. Which hurts the worse all the time anyway. IBprofen takes off the edge off my jaw pain. At least I don't want to rip my head off.

About 6 PM, the increased phlegm has started. Why? The treatment? My doctor friend Ted told me the radiation makes the cells slough off so it makes sense that 3 hours later I have more problems. Why can't the radiation doctors tell you these things? Here's to a great evening.

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