Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tuesday, 11th day of radiation

 . All day I have been haveing symptoms of choking, gagging, and trying to vomit.  Fun, huh?  I feel like a have a "mucus plug", as the ENT's call it. I know this will sound gross, but it is a build up of sinus drainage that collects in one big hunk and sides down your thoart and stays there.  I can feel it, I can feel it move.  All attempts to get it out so far are fruitless.It is nasty and disgusting, believe me.  I've been having this happen ever since my sinuis susrgery in December.

Well I couldn't stand the mask and lying flat for treatment today. Dr. McDonald had not suggestions.  So took another Valium and prayed I wouldn't choke to death. I made it through but with a lot of anxiety.

My daughter, Dr. Mandy, was here when we got home. So nice to h ave her home for awhile.She's between rotations so gets a week off.  Had to do asleep study tonight at Johnson Memorial Hospital. I hope I can make it though this ordeal.

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