Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, August 15th

Did not sleep well last night, coughed all night. My best friend from high school, Nancy Ramsey, came by to visit. We had a good visit. Then our friends, Johnnie and Chris came over to watch the Colts game. Still talked too much again. Thoart really sore tonight. Randy gone all day working at concession stand at Lucas Oil Stadium. He's exhausted.

Cherie was bad today. She ran off from me today over to the retention pond through numerous people's back porches. Finally trapped her in some one's garage. So mad at her. She wouldn't come to me, I couldn't yell for her. She knew to come to me so she didn't. Put her in her crate for awhile. Then she climbed UP on my desk 2 times. Argh.

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