Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, 30th day

Got a call beforelunch that I could go in early for treatment. Of course, I went. No one was there at all. Went so fast, Randy didn't even come in with me. I did it on my own. The radiation techs were proud of me. 1 student even siad I was here on her first day. My first day was bad. Anyway, I'll miss all my friends today.

Had a slight breakdown today when I was cooking. well really reheating , lunch. The smells got to me and I started gagging and had to leave the kitchen. First time that ever happened, Bob the nurse said it may happen.

Run quite a few errands but wanted to rest some as we are going to a CSC dinner and lecture by Dr. Rushing. I knew they wouldn't have anything I could eat, so brought a smoothie.
Spoke to Dr. Rushing before the meeting, he remembered us. The lecture was on managing the effects of Chemo. Very interesting. I was tired when we got home. Hungry too.

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