Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wednesday, August 4th

The sleep study went better than my last one. Slept all night I believe.Had gotten a wedge pillow to keep me elevated due to my reflux and it made sleeping so much better. Why didn't I get one earlier?

I was still tired so went back to bed when I got home. Woke up with a fever,  100.8 degrees.  Chilling and shaking etc. Still trying to hack up this mucus plug. Not really hungry. Randy pured some pineapel for me and that felt goos on my thoart.

Feel so crappy and Amanda , me and mom were supposed to go shopping. Don't; think I can do it. Fever down to 100.2 so left for appointment with Dr. Halum up in Carmel.  She was running an hour late. Argh. Terrible time with the laryngoscopy, too gaggy.  She had a few suggestions for the cough, so have 2 more prescriptions. Also wants me to see a Speech therapist for swallow/aspiration issues.

Feel blah.  Since it was so late, we stayed up north. Mom and Mandy had lunch and I had a smoothie. Pretty good. Shopped a bit a Coldwater Creek, nothing fits Mom or she doesn't like it.  Went to IU for treatment.  Did ok. Another appointment with Dr. McDonald, Mandy and Mom got to meet him. No big revelations, no pathology from out East yet.

Mom brought dinner, so had a nice meal. I have to chopped everything up with food processor. But it was still good. Tired, went to bed early.

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