Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesday, 5 treatments left to go

Another bad day. Think this will be my life for awhile. Slept a few hours total. I cough up phelgm all night. Sorry if this is gross. It's annoying and the coughing is painful.

Met Dr. McDonald, I do not have pneumonia and my blood work was ok, white blood cell count not up and hemoglobin only slightly down. He declined the G-tube, thinks I can make it. Gave me script for liquid pain med. It works.

I just feel so bad. I look bad. My husband, Randy, is very helpful, makes calls for me, runs erands, does what he can for me. He says he feels helpless and is angry that I have to suffer. He has not gone to a group meeting yet. I will work on that. I think it will help, I like my group eventhough I didn't go yesterday. I cannot talk at all and the constant coughing up phlegm would be disruptive.

I do very little, trying to do laundry. I am so tired. But I look forward the end of my treatments next week.

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