Thursday, July 22, 2010

Third day of Radiation

 Well, it only took 2 trys today to get the mask on.  You will neer know how horrible it feels.  It feels like a 50# towel strapped to your face and chest. You can't move. You can't get it off.  The Valium helps some. Woozy after, needed help to walk.

Forgot to mention, I ran into a girl from work, at the cancer center yesterday.  She looks good. Stated she really like Dr. Rushing. I can't with to have my appointment with him next month.  Can't believe it takes so long to get into these doctors. Are there taht many people with cancer? Guess so.

Went to the Cancer Support Community today. Had interview and tour. Stayed for a relaxation class.  It was good.  Very nice. Wish it wasn't so far away. I would enjoy going to classes there. 

The dog got out of her cage today. Wonder how?  Nothing happened to the house. All was fine.
One more day this week, thanks goodness.

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