Saturday, July 17, 2010

History continued

The end of July I went to a Creative Memories  convention in Chicago.  Had a good time. Eventough I could barely whisper.  Randy was bored but a trooper.  I wanted to visit the Baha'i House of worship to pray about my surgery and to feel some comfort within its walls.  Randy had never been there. It was as I remembered. So beautiful, so peaceful.   Got home real late . Amanda got home after us. Long day, exhausted. Glad she is going to be here for my surgery.

Randy and I have had a rough 2 years. We were married February 16, 2008, after 6 years of dating. In the fall of 2008, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Had had proton radiation therapy January  to March of 2009. I began losing my voice at end of March 2009.

I had my total thyroidectomy on August 2009.  I was only in hospital overnight. The dressing/splint was very uncomfortable .I could not sit up, kept falling backwards.  Anyway, since I slept all day. I was awake all night. Randy did not stay with me. I kept calling him to come back but he had turned his phone off. What if the hosptial needed him?! So mad.   When I got to go home it was raining so hard. Could barely see to drive.  My folks had stayed overight at my house. They left after I got home  but they had trouble getting home to Bloomington. There was flooding in Martinsville. 

Slept for three nights on the couch, as I couldn't lay down. Afraid I would choke to death. The pain is manageable.  Dr. Krowiak says he got all the tumor and that it  was not touching the right recurrent laryngeal nerve at all, as suspected.  So now what?

Followup  with Dr. K... tumor was benign. Thank you , God.  He is still perplexed about the paralysis.  A vocal cord injection was planned for August 27th.  Done as an outpatient. Three days of vocal rest. When I could talk, it was raspy. Went back to work Labor day weekend. I can talk with some volume now.  My voice got stronger every day.

Two weeks before Xmas, my voice started to fade. This first injection was only to last 3 months, more if I was lucky.  I wasn't. I went to my appointment with Dr. K with my mind made up to ask for the permanent implant.  However, he talked me into a longer lasting injection. Susposed to last 2 years.

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