Friday, July 30, 2010

Ninth day of radiation

As tired as I have been the past two days, I had lots of energy today. Feel ditsy or spacey when driving. Scary. Radiation is getting a bit easier.  Went to well today. Chilled out with my meditation music.

 Went to try on wigs at We Care Wigs in Greenwood just in case I need one later. They were so nice. I loved the ones I tried on.  May have to get one just for bad hair days.

Still frustrated that I am still waiting on my medical oncologist  appointment. How can someone be that busy?  They say if my pathology report comes in, they will try to work me in.  I'm sure he'll say I need chemo. I'm that lucky.  However, I'm resisting chemo until after the wedding. I am NOT going to be bald with no eyebrows  and eyelashes for my daughters wedding !

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