Friday, July 23, 2010

Fourth day of radiation

As Randy worked over last night, is mother went with me today.  Two trys again.  The first time they try to latch the mask in case, I freak out.  I just cannot stand it.  No one knows now awful it feels. It is suffocating and it hurts.  It is very tight, it is leaving mesh marks on my face, that do fade within two hours.  I am gettin a rub burn under my chin that remains.

I changed my treatment time to 3:30 PM next week, as Randy's work hours changed, so he can go with me. 

Went to visit my friend, Laura, today. Took Cherie with me.  So tired when we got back. Slept for an hour. I have been doing alot of reading.  Picked up quite a few brochures at the Cancer Support Community.  I hope to attend a few classes there next week.

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