Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Second day of radiation

Continue to have trouble tolerating the mask. Had to quit and go home and come back later in the morning.  Dr. gave me Valium to calm me down. It least I was able to get thru the treatment.  Met with Dr. McDonald, still not path report from Rhode Island. He stated, "it's deciding if you have a rare cancer or a VERY rare cancer." yeah for me :(   Randy was able to be with me all morning. 

My perfect little dog was so bad today.  He put her on back porch and she tore the screen totally off the door. OMG. Can't believe it !  I can't trust her now.  Went out and got her a crate for when we have to be gone, afraid she will tear other stuff up.  I still over her though.

Hoping tomorrow goes better.

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