Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First day of radiation

What a disaster.  I decided I could do this on my own.  I was wrong. I had a terrible time adjusting to the mask. It was soooo tight. I couldn't breath. I had a panic attack. Crying. Took 4 tries to finally be able to tolerate the extended time it took today. The attendants were very helpful and patient with me. They were able to cut out a section of the neck so I could breathe.  It is really tight on your face and neck. I had to really focus on breathing and relaxing to get through this. Dr. McDonald stopped in to help, asked about the pathology report, but he did not know if it was recedived yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I came straight home. So upset. Randy waited for me before he left for his new job. Nice.  Have a migraine. Went to bed and napped for 2 hours. Felt better. I really do feel like I am in this by myself. I'm not sure what I need but I need something.

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