Monday, July 19, 2010


I did pretty well aqt home. Only needed occassional Ibprofens for pain.  Did have trouble turning in bed or lifting my head off pillow. Took a week before I could do it without using my hands to hold my head.  A week after surgery I saw Dr. Moore to get my stitches out. No problem. 

The big C. Yes, the tumor was malignant. I knew it was. I fort unately was able to see Dr. McDonald that day also for a consult.  He is recommending radiation. Unsure about chemotherapy, that is up to the medical oncologist.Whenever that is. They are discussing me at the tumor board today also. Interesting.

My pathology is was a rare solid mass carcinosarcoma. Very very rare. Most parathyroid tumors are beingn.  The only other parathyroid cancer was noted  in 2002.  My tissue samples were sent to Rhode Island  to Dr. Ronald Dellellis (sp?) for further study.  He is a parathyroid specialist. 

I followed up with Dr. McDonald 2 weeks ago. CT's of my thoart to pelvis were done.  My mask was made, Wierd. Randy took a picture of me in it. Ask him to see it.  My radiation will begin on July 20th.  I am so upset that I have to wait 5 weeks to start this treatment. They say they want my thoart to heal more beofre being bombarded with radiation.  

I'm frustrated but what can I do. It pushes me so close to Sarah's wedding, it upsets me so much. No one understands. I don't want to look bad, I'd like to enjoy the wedding.  I don't want to ruin her wedding.  I made her promise to have the wedding whether I was there or not. Sarah agreed tearfully. I refuse to have chemotherapy until after the wedding. Together they would be a double whammy and I'd look terrible and bald!  I won't have it.

I'm trying to be strong and not cry but it is so hard at night sometimes. No one understands. I cannot talk to anyone. No one really wants to hear me. It's too upsetting for them. Tried to get into a support group but I have to be "interviewed" first. What a crock. I need support. Will try to go through the IU Simon Cancer Center tomorrow. 

Six days ago, I adopted the sweetest little dog. She is a Basenji mix, an African breed.  Her name is Cherie.  She is a caramel color with white markings.  Her eyes are golden.  She is very affectionate, rarely barks.  The Basenji purebreeds yodel, no bark. She is 2 years old and house trainied.  We both love her.  She is to be my cancer companion dog.  She will be perfect.

Tomorrow my radiation starts. I will try to document daily the process and side effects.  Good Luck, Valerie.

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