Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday, September 2nd.

Randy in and out today. Getting ready for a job in West Virginia over the weekend. I will miss him terribly. I will keep myself busy. Hoping to sew Sarah a purse. Do my chair yoga and rest. My friend, Jo, came by and we did some shopping.

Got my hair cut real short tonight. So it will be easier to wear my wig and if my hair falls out, it won't be so distressing.

Had a massage today, helps quite a bit. My neck is so tight and my ears still hurt so bad. Usually she makes my ears feel better immediately. Not so today. Just a dull ache now versus stabbing pain. So guess it is better overall.

It has been so helpful to have people bring in food. What a treat to just open up the freezer or fridge and nuke something. I will definitely payback the gesture when I am asked to for someone else.

Could not nap today but rested watching reruns of Glee.

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