Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saturday, September 11th.

Sad day 9 years ago. Watched some of the tributes and speeches this morning. Sarah and I are off again to search for supplies. Enjoying time together. The dogs seem to be settling down. They will play together. Then crash.

Randy gone all day to Penrod. Another year I couldn't go. Oh well, maybe next year. Rained this morning. The first rain we've had since July? Nice anyway. Ordered pizza when he got home. Had much more trouble eating it. Took an hour and lots of coughed to eat one slice. No more for awhile.

Three hours is about my energy level right now, out of the house. Inside I can do laundry all day, at my own pace. I even am cooking small meals for Sarah and Randy. I am swallowing so much better now. Do not have to puree foods anymore. Can take pills with water. So better.

The redness o my neck is all bur gone. No one would know. Skin in not dry or peeling. So I am all good for the wedding, my goal. However, my voice is still a whisper. 4 weeks now. Doublet it will be back by Saturday. Oh well. I look good, that's all I wanted.

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