Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23rd

I apologize to my readers that I have not written for 10 days. ALOT has happened in 10 days. I will try to condense this logically, if I can. Bear with me. I think Chemo brain is hitting early.

On Tuesday, we met with Dr. Rushing , a wonderful doctor. He said the spots on my loungs and liver had grown 1mm. So, chemo is a definite. We probably spent an hour with him. He is very personable. The shocker is chemo is to start Monday. The Monday right after Sarah's wedding. Ugh. Then Tuesday is my birthday. Double ugh. I HAVE to be admitted to the IU Simon Cancer hospital for 5 days! Shocked. Cried. Feel numb. He wants to start me on Ridilan. States it will give me more energy for the wedding. Whatever, just do it , get it started.

Wednesday, the 15th, I spent the day, packing, checking my lists of things to take up to the wedding. The only thing I forgot was Randy's dance shoes. Malte and David arrived mid afternoon and we had a good visit. The dog like them, she jumped up on David's lap and slept. We went to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Margarita's. This was my first meal in a restaurant in months. Malte was my foreign exchange student for Sarah's senior year of high school. Her idea for the exchange student. We would have had a student the year before but we were too late with our application. I say it was for the best. He was perfect.Never complained. Did his own laundry. He loved the bread, just regular white/wheat bread. He said they did not have "soft" bread in Germany. I could not keep enough in the house.

Thursday, the 16th, we left for Michigan. My car is loaded full. Good thing I sent stuff up with Sarah, or we'd have to take the van. Not bad trip 3 1/2 hours. We drove up to Union Pier, Michigan, where the wedding is to be. Of course we couldn't check in. Went to Melodie's cabin and hung out till it was time to meet my daughters for our spa appointments. We had a good time at this spa. We got manis and pedis. Newman went with us and he behaved nicely. Newman is Sarah's french bulldog. He is a cutie. Weather is yucky, windy, rainy, cold. Sounds like a hurricane in this cabin.

Friday, the 17th, was a very busy day and exasperating due to the Inn owner. He is passive/aggressive. Says you can to anything but then says it can't be that way, his way is better. Mel and I gave up. Looking at the weather channel, it is supposed to rain tomorrow. We need a tent. Sarah doesn't want a tent.

I will finish this catch up tomorrow.

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