Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Friday, September 10th

Yea, Sarah is here. Had to pick her up at airport at 5:15 AM. That's the only part I hate. Too early. We all tried to go back to bed for awhile. Everyone slept but me of course. The two dogs will take a bit of getting used to each other.

Busy day. Off to dressmaker's to get the wedding dress bustled. Flower Factory to get supplies to finish to decorations. I'm exhausted after three hours.

Big day today. Actually ate a Chickfil A sandwich. Wow. Took me a half hour but I did it and waffle fries. Good day. So glad Sarah is here and I get to spend sometime with her alone before all the craziness starts.

The dogs are still spatting. Newman wants her to play and she just wants to lay around. They'll get better.

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