Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dec,27th, 2010

Returned from Iowa yesterday. We drove to Iowa on the 22nd. to spend the Christmas holiday with my 2 wonderful daughters and my parents. Amanda had to work her night shifts so we decided this was the only way to be with her for the holiday. Sarah flew in from Los Angeles, California. This was so nice to be with them.
Amanda had her tree up and it was so pretty. Iowa had it's 6 inch + snow storm the day we picked up Sarah. Welcome to Iowa. Sarah is freezing of course. I brought her a long coat, scarf, earmuffs, gloves and boots.
My parents stayed at the nearby hotel. It was more comfortable for them. Amanda has only a 2 bedroom apartment.Sarah slept on the couch.
Mom and I cooked a big Christmas dinner. Looked like Thanksgiving again.
So nice to be with everyone.Sarah had to return on Sunday. The rest of us left Monday.Roads were all clear.
Few things about me I hair is returning as are my eyelashes and eyebrows are filling in. Nice.
Met with a thoracic surgeon the day we left for Iowa. Surgery is scheduled for January 2011. This upset my parents of course.The girls seem okay.I am scheduled for a Right thoracotomy with wedge resection of the pulmonary nodule/metastasis. I'm resigned.

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