Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, November 22

Sorry, it has been so long since last posting. I cannot completly explain how chemo makes you feel. It sucks most of the life out of you. You cannot even think any thoughts other than "I feel terrible". My third round was the worst. I was vomiting at home for two days. So weak,I needed help to walk. My legs just shook. I knew I needed to move to stay strong but you just can't. I could not stand up to even shower.

Even the second week, I still did not feel great. My labs were off, potassium low, sodium low, Hgb low, platelets low. Expected to get another transfusion like during second round. But I did not. Yea!

I got a repreive this week of Thanksgiving by not having chemo. I go in next week. I do hope I get to feeling stronger this week so I can tolerate the chemo better.

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