Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19, 2011

Well, it is 8 days since my surgery. I am doing pretty well I think.Here is what has happened in the last week.

On 1-11-11, I had a right thoracotomy with wedge resection. I apparently was in surgery for 3 hours. She took out 2 "spots" and several other areas. I have not heard exactly what was done, Randy can't remember what the doctor said. I remember waking up in the SCU. Lots of tubes. Dry thoart.
They made me wear a CPAP machine tonight. It was awful. the nurse took it off at nidnight. Thank God. The staff was great to me. I was able to get up in a chair Wed. Can you believe it? Did fine. The chest tube hurts. The central line is freaky. At least it is in my chest and not my neck.
Thursday, I was moved to PCU in the IU hospital. What a difference. Unless I asked to get up or turn or anything, no one ever came in except to give me pills. It had no heat so Randy and I froze all day and night. They will get a bad survey from me. I hope I never have to come back here. Jennifer was the nest nurse and Pamela, a tech, stayed with me when my chest tube was removed.
Randy was great. He stayed with me every night but one. He was such a big help. He helped me in and out of bed at all hours. Walked me in the halls etc.
I was to go home Saturday, but my pain was not well managed. I had a medication change and went home Sunday. It's nice to be home.
Moving is uncomfortable and hurts.Walking is okay. My incision is quite large, 6 inches ish. No sutures, steri strips only. Pain pills every four hours is a must.
Today, Wednesday. I need less pain med. I can go 6 hours now between pills.
Also, I have lost my cough. Cannot believe it. It is gone. Went without the Neurotin med 2 days and still no cough. I want to quit the med but Randy wants me to continue so I will till I wee Dr. Rushing. I think the tubes they used down my thoart, moved something or did something that stopped my cough. Will remain cautiously optimistic that it is gone.
Enough for now.Signing off.


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